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The aims of the initiative are to:

1) Expand ISHAS’ links with companies producing HA and HA-derived products

2) Build recognition for ISHAS and its Corporate Affiliates through joint initiatives

3) Expand the global membership/reach of ISHAS, including in the commercial sector

Founding Corporate Affiliates

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Become a Corporate Affiliate

Join before the end of September 2023 to be designated as a Founding Corporate Affiliate.

All Corporate Affiliates will be invited to have a representative of their company on the Affiliates Advisory Board (AAB), where we will work with our affiliates to find new ways for ISHAS to serve our corporate and research communities. Input from the AAB will allow ISHAS to best align with the needs of the Affiliates.

The AAB will explore whether Corporate Affiliates could host visits from ISHAS members for training and collaboration. Moreover, ISHAS will work with individual Corporate Affiliates on targeted initiatives that could benefit the HA community.

We want to expand the global membership of ISHAS and our geographical reach in order to build an inclusive international community. We would ask that our Corporate Affiliates assist us in this goal, and we would be delighted to consider applications for ISHAS Membership from individuals at affiliated corporate organizations.

We aim to use the funds from the Corporate Affiliate Initiative to support research activities on HA within our 3 Divisions (Applied, Basic and Clinical Sciences), with particular emphasis on supporting ISHAS Trainee Members and members of the HA community early in their research careers. The AAB will also advise on opportunities for translational research that could connect ISHAS researchers with the needs of the Corporate Affiliates.

A new Research Grants and Scholarships Sub-committee has been established to oversee the setting up and administration of our new grants and scholarships, chaired by the VP Applied Sciences.