List of publications that are related to hyaluronan and have known or potential relevance to COVID-19.

This includes papers relevant to discussions in the Forum. If you have suggestions for publications you would like added then please post these, with details of why they are relevant, in the "New Papers" or "Relevant Papers" category.  When posting, please use the same article format as the existing list at the top of the page, to expedite their transfer into the resource.

Subcategories (2)

Hyaluronan in the Pathogenesis of COVID-19

Post and/or discuss existing literature and unpublished data that demonstrate or suggest a role for hyaluronan in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 infections.


Therapeutics Targeting Hyaluronan after COVID-19 Infection

Post and/or discuss publications and ideas that could form a basis for testing treatments that target hyaluronan metabolism in infected tissues.


Research Resources

Post and/or discuss research resources such as laboratory protocols, reagents, animal models, and in vitro tissue or cell models, Biorepositories from COVID 19 Clinical Studies.


Clinical Data and/or Clinical Trials

Post and/or discuss clinical data and ongoing approved trials that may provide a background to expand on, for example: 

  • Pre-clinical trial protocols relating to hyaluronan-based therapeutics to target COVID-19 infections
  • Measurements of hyaluronan and hyaluronan-related molecules in human tissues or biological fluids (Biorepositories) from enrolled subjects.

Other Hyaluronan Research

Post and/or discuss information and ongoing research that impact hyaluronan metabolism in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases or acute and chronic systemic inflammatory diseases. This may lead to a new category in the future.


Funding Opportunities for COVID-19 Research

Post relevant funding sources (Government, Industry, and Philanthropy) to support research on topics of discussion in this forum.


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