The Endre Balazs and Janet Denlinger Award recognizes researchers at an early phase of their independent research career for making a significant contribution to the development of hyaluronan science.

The award was established in 2021 and has been generously funded by a donation from Janet Denlinger. This award is presented at each ISHAS meeting (typically biennial).

Past Award Recipients

  • 2021 - Aaron Petrey (University of Utah School of Medicine, USA)



Any ISHAS Member can nominate candidate(s), with a seconding nomination from an individual from another institution. Self-nominations are not possible. Nominators should provide a brief statement (up to 500 words) on why the nominee should be awarded the prize, along with a CV of the nominee.

The call for the 2021 nominations is now closed. The winner will be announced at the next ISHAS meeting!

Eligibility Criteria

ISHAS embraces the importance of hyaluronan research in basic, applied and clinical sciences. Nominations are welcome for candidates from governmental, academic, non-profit institutes and for-profit companies, as well as for physicians. ISHAS recognises that early independent research can be accomplished by nominees holding a variety of different positions. Nominations are welcome for candidates in tenure-track or early tenured positions, postdoctoral research fellows, or in positions outside these academic categories, as long as early independent research can be demonstrated. Nominees do not need to be members of ISHAS at the time of nomination but should demonstrate commitment to continue working in hyaluronan science and to engage with the wider hyaluronan science research and clinical use communities.

The award includes an invitation to attend the next ISHAS Conference and give a dedicated Endre Balazs and Janet Denlinger Award Lecture, 5 years membership of ISHAS, and a prize of $2,500.

Evaluation Criteria

Research accomplishments that advance hyaluronan science – including basic, applied, or clinical research – will be the principal evaluation criterion. Research accomplishments can relate to:

  • Advancing new knowledge that redirects, disrupts, or significantly enhances current understanding of HA biology, and has potential for future impact
  • Implementing or curating existing knowledge for practical translation and current impact
  • Achieving a clinically significant outcome based on new knowledge in hyaluronan science

ISHAS seeks a balance among these three categories. The evaluation will consider the significance and (potential or realised) impact as well as the quality and originality of the research work.

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